Monday, October 3, 2016

Male Chi Wara Antelope Headdress. 19-20th century
 Initial Reaction.
This figure is a wooden sculpture of an antelope. The medium used is wood. It was carved slowly and precisely as to a keep a smooth texture and then it would have carvings etched into the sides. All of this figure is made with a mantle that is then used to support it as a head dress. As it looks it might have been made from a hard wood and been treated after it was done. It is very symmetrical and geometric at the same time. It has very distinct and abrupt edges and angles that attract attention and seem shocking but pleasant to the eye.

After Research.
Though it is African it can only be described as that. Each headdress is different depending on the area and the master wood carver working on it. It can come in one of three styles horizontal, vertical or abstract. For this object it has one major use and that is ceremony. One ceremony is to honor Chi Wara himself who was a deity of sorts and he came and taught the people to farm. They would make these headdresses for both men and woman and place them on top of baskets placed on the heads of the people so they can dance in the ceremony. When it comes to making this headdress the men and women stand separate due to the fact that the males headdress has curved horns and the female's tends to carry a young antelope on its back. Other than its use to the people who make them it is seen as a nice primitive art to most of western Europe and is bought or made to be an show peace.

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